How we started

The Logo For The New Start Up Blair Shakes

Blair Shakes started when on a sunny July day founder Joah Blair said to himself, “can I make a milkshake?” Grandma Sallie and Grandpa Andy had a milkshake maker from the 1900s and were willing to let Blair borrow it. Once Blair got the machine up and running he started to make milkshakes for family and anyone who would ask. On August 1st, 2022 Blair got his very own, new shake maker from Grandma Sallie and Grandpa Andy. Soon Blair was pumping out milkshakes for dessert and when anyone would ask! One day when Blair was stacked up on orders and still had two to go his brother came home from work and then said, “How much does it cost to get bumped up in line?” From then on Blair Shakes had been charging customers for their shakes. When a word of wisdom got passed down saying more people might buy if you had donation only, Donation only Blair Shakes was born. Founder Blair says, “Our Mission is to give people satisfaction for whatever cost they want, I’m happier making more milkshakes for no money than making fewer milkshakes for more money.”